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“Lark West is a remarkable life coach offering great advice, insight, and encouragement. Her counsel with those of addictive traits is solution based driven by knowledge and understanding. She is definitely on the A-list.” ~ Jerry “River” Kaster, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

“I’ve known Lark for many years. Her big heart is the most obvious gift she has to share, in my opinion. She’s extremely caring and truly curious. She’s kind and compassionate in her approach. And she’s has a vast background that serves her already natural ability to coach people into further personal happiness and inner peace. You’ll enjoy working with her.” ~ Matt Naskrent, CPCC, PCCBusiness & Transformation Coach, Pinnacle Success Source

“Lark is highly qualified as a Life Coach. She is extremely perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring. She is genuine and honest and seeks to bring out the best in everyone she encounters in life. She has a true gift in being humble, open, nurturing and grateful to the world. It’s been a blessing knowing her professionally and personally.” ~ Mellisa DeeringVolunteer, Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center

“I have know Lark for a number of years. She has an infectious optimism and energetic, loving personality. She is a voracious learner with a deep interest in understanding and helping others along the path we call life. I am deeply grateful for the impact she has had on my own views and perspectives and I trust that you will too.” ~ Scot GallupOwner, Scot A. Gallup – Website Design & Development

“Lark was understanding, insightful and brought a different perspective as a Life coach. We met numerous times and I always felt the time was well spent. Lark helped me focus on what is important.” ~ Bill Martin, Cole, Martin & Co.

“I have known Lark for six years and witness on an ongoing basis how she works with people. She commands the respect of many people, having helped many. Lark is effective at assisting one in identifying an issue and then supporting and guiding them to see options, take actions, and work through it – getting to the other side a more empowered and satisfied person! She is a great Life Coach.” ~ Steve GayesTerritory Manager, Marathon Petroleum LLC

“Lark is a beautiful intelligent amazing person with a great personality who waks the talk. She is able to handle anything with a sincere caring approach to everyone she meets. Absorbing everything around her and making positive thoughtful exchanges. She is truly one of a kind and I could think of no one finer to be a Life Coach for you. She gets it and she is the best.” R. Bleau CooperBoard Member, FHNB Milwaukee

“Lark is an extremely dynamic, and forward thinking coach and has been very helpful in evaluating the past and stategizing the future for me. Above all, Lark as a person is warm, friendly, nurturing, caring, and has an awesome exuberance about life and the future! I love this woman!” Phil Rutledge” Phil RutledgeAgency Owner, Rutledge Insurance and Financial Services

“I believe it is Lark’s calling to help and guide others. I believe she has the ability to see others strengths and weaknesses and direct them in using both to their advantage. She is full of light and positivity and has a wisdom combined with life experiences to authentically direct others. I highly recommend Lark to help others on their journey to their true self.” ~ Kara NawrockiComputer Lab Teacher, Woodland Elementary East

“Lark is a sincere empath, and seeks to help people overcome life difficulties. She is motivated, resourceful, and goal oriented. She draws on her extensive life experience, training, and service work to guide those in need.” John GrangerDB2 DBA & database utilities creator, Data Transformations Inc.

“Lark is enthusiastic, full of energy, and compassion! She will help you in whatever areas you need help, motivating you and shedding light on areas in which you want to grow. This is the coach that you want!” ~ Paul WeyrauchManaging Partner, Modern Woodmen of America

“Lark is a highly effective coach, her broad based experiences add tremendous value to the excellent results she produces. She is of high integrity, extremely bright, and reads people very well. I am proud to know her and place a high value on her advice and skill sets” Norman Roth, President, Roth Sales Enhancers

“Lark always gave me encouragement in one of the most difficult places I worked at.  When the management people I worked with gave me unhappy looks all the time, it was Lark who brought me back to reality! They were really the sad ones, who did not like their job.  The customers always gave me smiles. Life is too  short to let sad people bring me me down! Smile in the face of adversity! Lark always had one for me! A smile! Thank you! Keep smiling! and most of all, bring joy to others!” ~ Michael NelsonSales Specialist, Office Max

“Lark is an awesome interpreter of needs and will direct the outcome of any objective to the most positive end!” ~ Patrick AndersonHairdresser, Capelli Hair Salon

“Lark is one of the most positive, elegant, loving spirits I have ever had the joy of knowing on multiple levels. Her honest, authentic regard for the person radiates throughout any conversation or encounter. Her deep wisdom and patience as well as her gifted actions make her a valuable friend and ally. And yes, I could go on and on. She is trustworthy and loving in her approach to the work at hand.” ~ Genevieve PetruzzelliDirector, Shimer College

“I’ve known Lark for over a year. She has given me great business ideas for my soon-to-be-established massage therapy business. She is very thorough in her work in any avenue it might be in; she is creating my website; she is always positive in her approach and is an inspiration for those striving to better themselves professionally, emotionally, physically, etc. I would recommend Lark West for your Life Coaching needs because you know you will be in the hands of a professional that cares about you.” ~ Al Kohen, LMT, Fitness Professional,

“I have worked with Lark in a self-help program process that carries the message of solutions, hope, and encouragement to Lake County Jail inmates. Lark is very enthusiatic, always attentive, and well versed. She exibits great patience. She has helped establish meetings and group government so they can continue on their own. Lark is a shining example for us all. William H Woolridge 224-456-9455,” ~ Bill WoolridgeMaintenance Work Leader, US Army

“Lark West possesses an abundance of positive energy derived from her compassion for others. Lark has assisted me through many important life situations. Through-out our time together I have known Lark to be sincerely caring, concerned, and keenly aware. Lark is a role model with a great inner light. She lives her life with integrity and will not hesitate to assist you in rebuilding yours.” ~ Nicki WallsAmbassador/Cashier at Honeygrow

“Lark has worked with me in the past and I can highly recommend her services to anyone. She has the highest regard, caring and respect for others. She is perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring. Possesses exquisite self-awareness and high emotional intelligence. Nuanced, crisp, superb communication. She’s a quick study with capacity for deep and wide learning – which she passionately and competently passes on. Lark has a sincere interest and desire to help. She is humble, open, and nurturing. Lark’s coaching is truly a calling, an art and a discipline. And Lark is a very caring person, and she is very easy to talk to!” ~ Megg AbelSelf-Employed

“I can recommend Lark West as a caring, concerned, aware and giving person. Lark has strong professional standards and approaches projects with a positive attitude that helps to engender a positive experience. Lark’s compassion for others is always evident and her commitment to achieving the best outcome for goals set is always felt.” ~ (no longer on LinkedIn) See bottom, here: Mark HawbeckerNew York Actor

“I have known and worked with Lark West for the better part of 10 years. During that time, I have experienced her confidence and creativity in working with people in all walks of life. Her spirituality, caring heart, and razor-sharp skills in helping others are profound.” ~ Steven BohneIT Project Manager at Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.

“Lark is one of the most sensitive, caring, and inspiring women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her emotional IQ is off the charts as is her level of sincerity. She knows who she is and she’s an expert at teaching people who they are. I’d hire or recommend her again in a heartbeat.” ~ Lino Darchun, Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker and Real Estate Consultant

“Lark is wonderful at what she does. She has so much knowledge and spirituality. I would definitely work with her again. She is truly amazing.” ~ Amy GordonEducation Consultant at Smart Education Foundation

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lark for more than five years and her energy, insight, and passion never cease to amaze me. As a life coach, Lark knows the right questions to ask to enable you to go to a higher level. Lark is not a one-size-fits-all life coach, but one who can draw out – from anybody – what is important, why, how can the goals be achieved, and what happens if you don’t make it? Lark can sit down with anybody and provide the guidance necessary to accelerate the process of setting and meeting life goals. Lark is a great person, too: well read, aware of her surroundings, compassionate to all, and an unparalleled sense of humor. Without reservation, Lark is the best!” ~ Joe Sabol, PhD; Consultant and Problem Solver to the Chemical and Allied Industries 

“Lark embodies the energy of life. Alive, engaged and committed to giving her best to each day is where she comes from. My experience with Lark includes learning that she has overcome many of life’s challenges, which she has not only learned from – but developed extraordinary compassion, understanding, love and appreciation. Lark is proactive, she addresses situations and circumstances head on, this approach to life requires one to face their fears and self-doubts.   So if you want your life to be more fulfilling and full of joy there is no better space to be in than with an individual like Lark. She will bring light, growth and results to your life – as she has her own.” ~ Norman HassingerOwner, Hoffman Homes, Inc. and Real Estate Consultant

“I have known Lark a long time, both professionally and personally. Her positive approach to life and situations has been an asset to me several times in my life and I can see that being a benefit in her chosen field…” ~ Susan Shaw; Senior Mortgage Consultant

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Lark at several fund raising events. I find her to be pleasant, hard working and dedicated to her tasks at hand. She is well organized and self disciplined. She did not need any direction as she knew what was required of her and she got the job done. She is well disciplined in her life and would be a great coach for anyone looking to improve thier lives and or life skills.. She has the life experiences to handle whatever you could possibly be seeking. I would work with Lark again and again. She is an absolute pleasure!” ~ Steve Bachner; Owner, The Hair Studio by Steve

“Lark is both a personal friend and business associate, and I have known and worked with her for the past 2-1/2 years. Some descriptions that fit Lark to a T include: exquisite self-awareness; high emotional intelligence; perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring; quick study with capacity for deep and wide learning; views coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline. Lark will exceed your expectations in every way. Do yourself a huge favor and take advantage of her expertise, effectiveness and caring!” ~ Jerry Hall; Medical Director, Pain Care at AbbVie

“Where do I begin? Exquisite, intelligent, visionary and focus, caring, creative, perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring, helping others, sincere, open, nurturing and grateful to the world. Lark is a joy to be with and a true light to everyone she is around. She is an amazing person!!!” ~ Jonathan RoobOwner, Jonathan’s Portraits, Inc.

“Lark is a beautiful woman inside and out. and is helping so many. I highly recommend Lark as being in your life, as she has been in mine. Her peaceful and loving spirit will help your growth and she is fully capable of guiding others through their struggles and onto a path of spirituality and living a life of freedom. Joyously content with inner peace and a sense of calm. She loves Nature as I do. Meditation is part of our lives. I love this woman and her soothing words and her plans of action. Peace.” ~ Julie HolgAntique Dealer and Fine Art Consultant