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Adoring humankind, Lark is a veteran in helping others. She has coached on an ongoing basis hundreds of people, some long-term and others short-term. Lark has started and lead groups and coordinated and directed retreats.

For many years, Lark has been working with inmates seeking help, leading voluntarily-attended support groups. She is a passionate supporter of Drug Court in Lake County. Experiencing the multidisciplinary team in action is impressive, and Lark is grateful to have been a member. This drug court program has had a nearly 80% success rate with a majority of clients!

Currently, A Way Out is a much-needed remarkable good program.  See this new method to address substance abuse.

In 2000, Lark recognized the need and founded the only alcoholism therapy group in Lake County, Illinois, with a mission to reach gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered folks (GLBT).  Several years later, the group collectively chose to make it “for gay and straight; yes, this means you” – thereby, clearly speaking it was for everyone and excluding no one.  It is still going strong and an asset to the community.  more info here

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