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About Lark

Lark West

Lark is a proactive, resourceful, problem-solving and creative Certified Professional Life Coach. Her core values are love and service, and she has  been providing therapeutic services in the mental health field for several decades. Her life adventures have tended to be off the beaten path.  For most of her children’s lives, she was the single (and only) parent, while she worked full-time.  These children are now remarkable young adults and skyrocketing!  Lark obtained her BA after helping several of her kids with theirs, and then she continued her studies in graduate school.

Lark brings to the table a wide range of professional and personal experiences. In addition to years of clinical expertise where she administered psychological testing, conducted crisis interventions and provided therapeutic services, and supported children and adults with special needs ~ Lark has experienced certain traumatic events which give her a unique perspective and understanding of life’s most difficult challenges. She suffered the loss of a child, was a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence, experienced and recovered from addition, has gone through a divorce, and much more.  Experiencing extraordinary challenges and learning from them is transformative.  Lark is a shining bright healed and loving messenger of mindfulness and Good news.

Lark is passionate about life, therapeutic intensive monitoring courts, meditation, the brain and the power of our mind and thoughts, nature, Reality, and a whole lot more.  For Lark, it all boils down to love and service ~ caring about and helping each other.

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