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Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Whether reaching out for help with an addiction for the first time or already moving forward in the recovery process, we can work together to take you up, out, and further down the Life-is-Good path.

  • Lark uses coaching techniques to build readiness for change, to enhance change talk, to increase confidence, motivation, and commitment to change.
  • Lark uses tools to recognize and manage ambivalence as a natural part of change.
  • She helps you clarify goals, and we collaborate to create a change plan and coping strategies.
  • You are effectively support you in your recovery when you are stuck or experiencing recycling or relapse.
  • Mental illness and addiction sometimes occur together. Lark is remarkably experienced, comfortable, and competent in helping those with concurrent disorders (frequently referred to as Dual-Diagnosis).

Lark’s Principles of Recovery Coaching

  • There is innate health and wholeness in people who seek to improve their life. Lark uses a strength-based approach so that your strengths are highlighted and used while you are coached to success.
  • Helps you explore options, desires, and needs in respect to your recovery path is emphasized. You will be coached to gain clarity and move into action.
  • For those impacted by someone else’s addition, whether that person is in the throes of it or recovering, Lark coaches you in not only coping but thriving.
  • Recovery coaching helps people in recovery to develop more quickly a healthy lifestyle and balanced living. It is normal for people in recovery to have gaps in skills and development, and Lark supports you in filling in such gaps (i.e. relationships, handling money, whatever). Take advantage of the full blend.
It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.