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Joe Sabol, Ph.D.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lark for more than five years and her energy, insight, and passion never cease to amaze me. As a life coach, Lark knows the right questions to ask to enable you to go to a higher level. Lark is not a one-size-fits-all life coach, but one who can draw out – from anybody – what is important, why, how can the goals be achieved, and what happens if you don’t make it? Lark can sit down with anybody and provide the guidance necessary to accelerate the process of setting and meeting life goals. Lark is a great person, too: well read, aware of her surroundings, compassionate to all, and an unparalleled sense of humor. Without reservation, Lark is the best!

Joe Sabol, Ph.D.Consultant and Problem SolverChemical and Allied Industries
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