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Some Forms of Meditation

The actual experience of meditation across the centuries is immense. It has entered the mainstream of healthcare in more recent years simply because science has validated its power through hard research.

Guided Meditation

Reduce stress, encourage healing, attract success, or inspire creative visualization. Max Highsteins’s The Healing Waterfall offers only the highest quality guided imagery downloads and guided meditation CDs and MP3s to improve your life and outlook.  Try it!  Hear generous free samples of every inner journey here.  All of the music for the guided imagery is composed by Max Highstein, an award winning artist known for the healing quality of his work.


Awareness of your experience in the moment, with a gentle focus on a specific aspect, like breathing.  Try it!  Download the Headspace on the Go app (free for first 10 sessions, iTunes) or read Get Some Headspace, both by Andy Puddicombe.


Repetition of a word, like one, or sound, like om, as the object of your attention. Try it!  Follow the simple instructions from a Harvard doc here.


Visualization of light traveling from the base of the spine to the top of the head and back again in conjunction with breathing. Try it!  Learn more at the National Qigong Association’s website and search for a teacher near you, here.


Similar to mindfulness but more general; an awareness of one’s present experience. Try it!  Watch a how-to video here.