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Like New Balanced Body IQ Reformer
Jump Board ~ Sitting Box ~ Foot Straps ~ DVDs
manuals and paperwork complete

This lightly-used IQ Reformer is the only telescoping Reformer that fits in a closet or under your bed.

See here.

Thumbnails below open into new windows …
reformer1id 1a 1c if ij 1m box2 box3 1l 1board 2board 1e 1 1j 1vix
Yes, this has the wheelbarrow wheels for ease in storing under bed. If you need to raise your bed a bit, as I did, you can also have my risers. If you want to store upright, you can easily swap out the wheels, with this kit.
DVD’s …
iq-workout-teaser-01    dvd

IQ Reformer Balanced Body Receipt for Purchase of Main Pieces ~ a pdf

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